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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Aug 24, 2021

I begin this show with an idea for anyone who is burdened by old resentments, memories of those who did you wrong, and just plain negative stories in your head. Sometimes those old wounds can be healed with forgiveness. Now, I’m not talking about spiritual bypass here, or simply ignoring what happened and going straight to ‘I forgive you’.


Instead, I’m suggesting an exercise that will quite naturally lead you back there if forgiveness is where you’re ready to go. May it help to lighten your load considerably.

My guest on this show is the wonderful Jenny Fong of Modern Shibori in Berkeley, CA. I actually met Jenny at a craft’s fair in San Francisco one sunny Sunday this summer, and her clothing blew me away. Particularly because of her mission. For this isn’t any old clothing. Each piece is uniquely created using sustainable materials, and a design rooted in an ancient Japanese technique called Shibori.

Here I am, wearing one of my shirts!

Here are some of the things I learned in our talk:

-What exactly is Shibori and why it’s so special

  • What gives this clothing their special vibe or energy?
  • Where the dyes come from and why it matters
  • What is sustainable fashion?
  • Where you can find Jenny’s clothing
  • Where the garment industry is right now in sustainability
  • What any of this has to do with self-care… and you!

May this show give you pause for thought. Is it better to have a lot of clothing? Or a few cherished items that are beautifully made and have a wonderful feeling to them?

I hope you enjoy….



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Link to How’s Your Self-Care?


Modern Shibori


A discount code for $15.00 off any purchase: SELFCARE15


Jenny Fong’s email if you’d like to see her work in a private appointment

Jenny Fong’s statement on Sustainable Fashion



Modern Shibori was born out of a need for stylish clothing with a sustainability message offering women and men of all shapes and sizes fashionable clothing options. Founder Jenny Fong has been concerned about climate change for a long time. Her carbon footprint is minimal as she reuses her dye vats until they're exhausted, creating beautiful luscious gradients of wearable color. All of her pieces are made to exacting standards, every detail is considered and made to last.