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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Mar 7, 2023

Today’s show is all about letting go and managing grief when it comes up. There are all kinds of grief, from everyday loss like the grief of not getting a desired promotion to the grief of suddenly losing your partner.


My opening essay tackles the interesting question of what it takes to connect to the other side—with some sage words from Teal’s journal. Then I get into the real nitty gritty of serious loss with my guest, Cheryl Jones, host of the Good Grief podcast.


Her calm, grounded, old soul wisdom will help you tackle the hardest parts, and know you are truly not alone. I loved talking to her, especially as we compared notes about the fantastic, transformational crucible that grief is…if you manage it the right way.


We talked about:


-       Cheryl’s Four Things You Need to Navigate Loss

-       Why she actually loves grief and focusses her work on it

-       When does the transformation actually begin in grief?

-       How to accept support even if you don’t want it

-       How denial can take grief off the rails


 It’s a thought provoking show… and I hope it serves you well!


With love,








Suzanne’s new book, Free Spirited; How My Daughter Healed Me from the Afterlife



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Suzanne’s blog How Do You Connect to the Other Side?


Cheryl Jones’ website,


Cheryl’s podcast, Good Grief


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Cheryl Jones is a grief counselor. During her education as a Marriage and Family Therapist, her first wife was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, which was at the time a uniformly terminal illness with a six month to one year prognosis. In the eight years that followed, Cheryl engaged daily in the work of preparing for her death. After her wife’s death, Cheryl immersed herself in her own multifaceted grief, surprised by frequent moments of joy.