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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Dec 22, 2020

Today’s show begins with an essay that, for me, is almost like a meditation. ‘How I Drowned My Anxiety in Love and Understanding’ shares my journey from waking up anxious to dissolving into flow. Then finding my way back to peace and far more effectiveness in my day. I hope it inspires you. (And I share my VERY most favorite source of dark chocolate in the essay! See below.)

My guest, writer and podcaster Shani Silver, has a wonderful specialty. She helps single women live a rich life, and find satisfaction in being single. I loved our conversation. There was so much great stuff here, beginning with the fact that society’s traditional eschewing of singledom has begun to disappear. Great news!

Yes…you CAN be happy and fulfilled and single! They key is digging in and using self-care to create a life you love.

Among other things I learned from wonderful Shani:

  • Her single woman story
  • Her admirable ‘Truths’ about being single
  • The game changing question single women can ask themselves
  • Other empowering questions to keep in mind
  • What happens when you’re single, you love your life…and someone approaches you for a date
  • How dating apps affect women and their self-esteem
  • The danger of dating app bots
  • How being single affects her self-care and vice versa

May you enjoy no matter what your romantic status is.

With love,


Alter Eco Brown Butter Bar


Shani Silver is a Brooklyn-based writer and podcaster changing the narrative around being single—because honestly it needs new PR. She and her work have appeared on NPR, Refinery29, Shondaland, Unladylike, and more. She is also the editor of Atta Girl, a Medium-based publication for women in their 30s, 40s, and other ages that remember the 90s, who want content that's about more than motherhood.