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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Nov 9, 2021

If you suffer from chaotic mornings and wish you could harness their potential to max your day… this is the show for you! This episode features a wonderful talk with the charming Dr. Lunide Louis Adeeko, a fellow podcaster with a big message about harnessing the power of routines.

First I begin with a very humble little essay I wrote after a particularly embarrassing incident at the grocery store—and the powerful lesson it taught me about self-forgiveness. I hope if you’re hard on yourself, this will help you to lighten up.

Lunide is a great guest who exudes ebullient good energy! In our talk we covered a lot of ground on the problem of overcoming draggy mornings, which is when we can really set ourselves up for a good day. As Lunide says, “A made up bed is a made up mind” Why? Because as she puts it, “our habits make us.”

Here’s what I learned: 

  • Why we need an effective morning routine in the first place
  • Some morning routine nuggets you can do in just five minutes to get set up
  • The incredible number of thoughts we have per day (scary!)
  • Sitting in silence v. guided visualization meditations
  • Visual cues for habit building … and what’s temptation bundling?
  • The power of habit stacking

…and so much more!

May this help you charge up your day with good mojo from the moment it begins!



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The Creator of Rewired Habits®, Podcast Host of Best Morning Routine, Ever! & Creator of the HitSavers Morning Routine App, Lunide is a Habit Psychologist. She helps young professionals create winning habits & morning routines for bigger success. In as little as 7 days, her Rewired Habits™ Technique quickly replaces your old habits, eliminates limiting beliefs, mental and emotional blockage, and reprograms your brain so you can close the gap between where you are now and where you want to go — in weeks vs. months or even years.