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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jan 4, 2022

I begin today’s episode – deep in the darkest moments of winter -- with an essay I wrote called “For Every Woman Who Doesn’t Have Time to Go to the Bathroom.” If that’s you stop running and take a listen. I think you’re going to find this very empowering!

Also big in winter is the urge to hunker down, nest, and get rid of things. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to feeling like I have too much stuff, I’m a pitcher. I just love to dig in and throw it all out. It just feels so refreshing to have all that sparkling clean, empty space where there once was clutter.

That’s why I invited decluttering and ‘reality based cleaning’ expert Dana K White to join me in today’s episode. Her approach is refreshingly real and quite funny. Here’s what I learned:

  • How a busy cleaning-avoidant got comfortable with decluttering to become an expert
  • Where do you start decluttering for maximum efficiency?
  • The secret power of decluttering
  • The common mistake many organizers make in this process
  • An easy test for how to know whether to pitch something or not
  • What’s your ‘clutter threshold’ and why it matters
  • Why we hang on to too much stuff 
  • Her secret weapon – the ‘Container Concept’

I think you’re going to find our chat inspiring … I did! I’ve got the cleared-out space to prove it!


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Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff


Dana K. White is a blogger, podcaster, speaker, and (much to her own surprise) a Decluttering Expert. She is host of ‘A Slob Comes Clean’ podcast. In an attempt to get her home under control, Dana started blogging as "Nony" (short for anonymous) at A Slob Comes Clean. Dana soon realized she was not alone in her housekeeping struggles and in her feelings of shame. Today, Dana shares realistic home management strategies and a message of hope for the hopelessly messy through her blog, weekly podcasts and videos. Dana lives with her husband and three kids just outside of Dallas, Texas.