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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Oct 12, 2021

“This is the season she will make beautiful things, not
perfect things, but honest things that speak to who she
is and who she is called to be.”

— Morgan Harper Nichols

This quote was discovered on the wonderful website of this show’s guest, Cynthia Hauk, a mindful art coach. Bet you didn’t even know you could create mandalas that would bring you inner calm… but you can. And Cynthia shows us how!

But first—I have something to say in this show about when and how to say ‘No’ to your family members. Cause sometimes we all have to. Here are the key questions I closed this segment out with. Pull out a journal and have at it friend…. May they serve you well.

  • Whom do you need to set limits with in your life?
  • What would you like to request:
  • When will you request it?
  • Just what will you say?

Moving on to my chat with Cynthia Hauk… I learned so much about WHY mindful art is such an enhancement to our slowing down, going with in and picking up the meditative vibe. And PS—this is especially for you if you believe  you can’t draw/create. You can, friend. We all can! (Who knew?)

Among other things, I learned:

  • What is mindful art? How is mindful art supportive for self-care? 
  • How do you manage an inner critic—and why is she ‘useful’?
  • Why is art so therapeutic?
  • What is soul collage?
  • Analog v Digital technologies for creating
  • What is the 5-Minute Mandala challenge?

I hope you enjoy this show… and it gets you slowing down to the speed of life.

Submitted with love,


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Cynthia Hauk, founder of Mindful Creative Muse, is passionate about sharing simple Mindfulness and Art activities to help busy people de-stress and express themselves creatively. Cynthia believes in creating space for our self-care - even if it's only for 5 minutes. Cynthia's calming mandala art challenge can be seen on her YouTube Channel at Mindful Creative Muse, and her online classes and teacher training have supported creatives globally in more than 49 countries.