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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Oct 15, 2019

Tired of being overwhelmed? Yeah, me too … but now that I’m on Team Teal, and I’m learning all about self-care, I’ve discovered that tools like hypnosis can be super useful, as well as just getting some context for your suffering. At the very least, it’s a motivator, right?

That’s why I begin this episode with my essay, “The Temporary Nature of Suffering,” to set a little of that context on our suffering. As for my interview with awesome Joanne McCall …

We’ve all heard about hypnosis as useful for everything from quitting smoking to getting over specific fears … but what if you could use to remove your hidden blocks to success, or standing up for yourself – or even productivity? That’s what my guest Joanne McCall helps people with.

Her work is informed by many years of training, and working with clients, many of whom have come to know her as an effective media strategist. She got into hypnosis when she realized many had inner blocks that prevented them from getting known, and now she is known for this as well.

Here’s what I learned in our conversation:

  • How hypnosis can support success
  • How hypnosis actually works
  • The magic ‘zone’ where we can reprogram our minds
  • They key to maximum productivity and relaxation
  • Hypnosis for stress relief
  • How many sessions it takes to see breakthroughs
  • Hypnosis for insomnia
  • Some inspiring stories about her clients

I was blown away, frankly. Hope you will be, too!

Namaste, my friends … love to you all!


Joanne’s Hypnosis

Joanne’s email for your questions, etc:


Joanne McCall has been a media insider, trainer, and publicist for over two decades helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and authors to become media darlings. That, along with her interest in optimized human performance, came together when she discovered that certain simple, yet powerful techniques made all the difference for her clients who wanted more attention, more visibility, more media. As well as more money, more access to their own inner creativity, more peace and more joy.

Whether their blocks pertained to a fear of speaking before an audience in a large room, on television or live stream, or to a feeling of overwhelm when looking at all the items on a "to do" list, or to wrestling with the resistance that pops up when something important needs to get done, it was cleared using simple, appropriate NLP techniques and a little hypnosis.

McCall's clients all have a special message to get out into the world, and these simple changes made a profound difference allowing them to shine as they tap into more of their true, relaxed, and passionate selves. But it isn't only for their work in the world that people call on McCall; some want to experience better sleep, less stress, have more confidence and learn new things quickly and easily.