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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jul 12, 2022

Suzanne interviews soul healer David Cogan Holt, who shares his own transformational story of moving through trauma and tapping into the power of the soul. He helps anyone transform their pain into soul-powered happiness

Today’s show begins with an essay Suzanne wrote about her own recovery from having a mother with BPD—Borderline Personality Disorder. Turns out there are some excellent resources out there for helping anyone cope with this tricky conditioning.

Can you really access your soul? Is there even such a thing? Suzanne’s guest, healer Dave Cogan Holt makes a powerful case for the innate joy he discovered through his own loss and trauma. In a powerful conversation that really dives in deep to the root sources of our own happiness, Suzanne and Dave discuss:

  • How we can, indeed, access that precious soul energy
  • What our soul energy has to tell us about life
  • How to answer the question, ‘Who am I…really?’
  • What about our soulmates?
  • And how do we handle our egos?
  • How can we access our own soul magic, and use it to heal trauma, pain and suffering?

It’s a deep show with profound ideas and insights for getting in touch with your own soul-powered joy and happiness!

Here’s to your self-care!



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Healing the Echoes of a Borderline Parent, Suzanne’s essay

Surviving the Borderline Parent – the book Suzanne mentioned in the intro segment – David Cogan Holt’s website – this, too, from Dave

Dave’s email:


David Cogan Holt has been a healer since 1989, and channeling since 2002. At age 18, he miraculously survived a car accident that devastated him by taking the life of his 3-year-old cousin, Christian. His obsessive passion to live more from Soul carried him through years of severe trauma and self-destructive behaviors. He now helps clients feel and use the Love and Power of their Soul, to heal trauma, so that they can create the life they desire.