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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Mar 24, 2020

Hey friend! We are all about maximizing the situation with the novel corona virus as we all learn to deal with it and the limitations it brings. So not fun—and it could mean a GIANT reset for your self-care. Why not?

I begin with my essay What to Do in a Crisis … Like Right Now. I actually wrote this just after wildfires decimated our beloved wine country, and gun violence was spiraling out of control. Because if there’s anything that I’ve learned since Teal died, it’s that life goes on. And we can improve!

In the main section, I share all sorts of self-care ideas for how to use this daily life interruption to seriously improve your self-care. It CAN be done! Listen and you’ll learn all kinds of useful tidbits …

Here’s to you. Stay safe out there my friend.


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