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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Aug 27, 2019

I begin this episode with some ideas for getting back to equanimity, in an essay I wrote recently called ‘How to Talk Yourself Out of a Funk.’ Next time you’re feeling downright despair, have a listen – or even now, to ward off your next blue mood.

If you haven’t listened to our podcast #30, my initial conversation with Candy Crawford, it’s great – one of our most popular podcasts. The reason is that Candy is a highly astute, vulnerable, smart woman who focusses on a surprisingly hot topic. She teaches people about being a ‘Highly Sensitive Person’.

I took this opportunity to coach Candy on her self-care, and share a few of my own thoughts about the world of sensitive people (I’m one, too.) But seriously, it was a little hard to be helpful to Candy, because her self-care is already so excellent. Instead, she ended up inspiring me!

Here’s what I learned in our conversation:

  • What the acronym DOES matters and what it does for HSP’s
  • The real cost of disappointing others expectations
  • The value of speaking your needs
  • The difference between introverts and extroverts
  • How HSP self-care shifts as we age
  • The ultimate purpose in life … ahhhhh!


Dr. Elaine Aron’s website

The Highly Sensitive Person, Dr. Elaine Aron

Candy Crawford, LCSW website


Candy Crawford is a therapist, educator, and advocate for highly sensitive individuals. She maintains a private practice in the Chicago area, where she specializes in Sensory Processing Sensitivity, and facilitates workshops and retreats in collaboration with Dr. Elaine N. Aron, research psychologist, educator, and pioneer in the field of high sensitivity.

Prior to her clinical practice, Candy spent over a decade championing the rights of diverse children and families as a public school social worker. This tenure, as well as the life-changing experience of mothering her two highly sensitive daughters, now young women, cemented Candy’s commitment and devotion to the long-neglected needs of the highly sensitive population.