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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Mar 2, 2021

If you’ve ever wanted to mark a passage of something big, and you’ve done it…you’re practiced sacred self-care. This week we’re talking about all sorts of ways we can honor ourselves with our self-care, ceremony, and rituals that awaken.

But first… I take a deep dive into something a little more mundane: asking for help. In my blog from 2019, I ponder what it takes to ask for help at work and why we resist it. If that’s you, take a listen. Getting help when needed—even on your job—is foundational to self-care.

Christine Pensa shares her unique take on how to provide self-care to your gentle spirit, and delve into sacred rituals and ceremonies that you create for the big (or even small) moments of your life. It’s a fun show that may very well speak to your soul.

We covered:

  • What sacred self-care… and what it’s not
  • What saying ‘I should’ is really all about
  • A quick sacred self-care practice you can do right now
  • The secret superpower we all possess
  • Ceremonies and why they’re a great idea
  • The new period we’re moving into…

Enjoy my friend!

I’m so glad you’re here,


Is It Really All Right to Ask for Help?

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Christine is the host of the Awakened Woman Self-Care Podcast. A shaman, coach, teacher and ceremonialist.