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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Mar 12, 2019

Whether you’re a Highly Sensitive Person or not, you may enjoy the ideas in this particular podcast. At the very least you’re going to learn a lot about supreme self-care. Here we get into what those who move through life with extreme sensitivity need to keep in mind for safety and optimal health.

I begin with my own reflections on how a Highly Sensitive Person (namely me) found my way through the worst crisis in my life – and what it taught me. Because each crisis is always a time of profound healing and learning … if you allow it in.

They I sit down and chat with Highly Sensitive Person expert Candy Crawford. Candy is a wonderful soul with great empathy and wisdom for the world. She has studied at the right hand of the woman who basically started the Highly Sensitive Person movement, Dr. Elaine Aron. So she’s got the goods for sure.

Here’s what I learned from Candy:

  • What an HSP is
  • What the acronym DOES matters and what it does for HSP’s
  • Is there a spectrum for HSP’s?
  • What the difference is between HSP’s and extroverts
  • How being Highly Sensitive manifests in children
  • Coping strategies for raising Highly Sensitive children
  • Does being an HSP evolve with age?
  • Coping strategies for being an HSP
  • How to find your optimal level of stimulation in an overly stimulating world


Dr. Elaine Aron’s website:

The Highly Sensitive Person, Dr. Elaine Aron [LINK TO BOOK]


Candy Crawford is a therapist, educator, and advocate for highly sensitive individuals. She maintains a private practice in the Chicago area, where she specializes in Sensory Processing Sensitivity, and facilitates workshops and retreats in collaboration with Dr. Elaine N. Aron, research psychologist, educator, and pioneer in the field of high sensitivity.

Prior to her clinical practice, Candy spent over a decade championing the rights of diverse children and families as a public school social worker. This tenure, as well as the life-changing experience of mothering her two highly sensitive daughters, now young women, cemented Candy’s commitment and devotion to the long-neglected needs of the highly sensitive population.