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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

May 15, 2018

In this episode, I share how my childhood affected my need to overdo and overachieve … and how I’ve been resolving that for myself. And why so many of us feel ashamed if we don’t constantly empty out our endless To Do lists – and how Teal managed life without a To Do list.

I spend the rest of the episode sharing some ideas about why we need self-care … especially if we are driven women. I got on the path after my daughter Teal’s death, and the collapse of all the structures in my life. Such wonderful things have come out of this, I knew I just had to share these ideas.

I cover the following:

  • How I went from being a workaholic to finding balance in life
  • Why self-care is so critical for us
  • The gift we are given at birth that is grounded in self-care
  • The mindsets that keep us stuck in poor self-care
  • One of the most basic self-care actions we forget
  • Different reasons we overwork … and what you do about it
  • Some great, grounding questions to ask yourself
  • How to find more time for self-care

Listen … and relax ….