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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jun 4, 2019

I begin this episode with an essay I wrote called “Getting Out of the Cage of Self Doubt.” It’s for all you vulnerable souls out there who just can’t quite forgive yourself for your various mistakes, missteps and just plain errors. (I’m right in there with you!)

My guest this week is a fellow self-care speaker, Randi Kay. Randi’s got a really nice take on what I think of as organic self-care. For instance …

Did you know there can be a right and a wrong time for exercise? That how you take care of yourself can actually change with the seasons—and be more beneficial? That’s what I learned when I chatted with the host of the Simple Self-Care podcast, Randi Kay. Her naturalistic take is really refreshing and I know you’ll resonate with it.

Among other things, I learned:

  • How her depression led her to heal others
  • When people shouldn’t use a natural approach to self-care
  • The biggest reasons we struggle with self-care
  • How to use your body as your self-care guide
  • Simple habits we may not realize cause chronic pain
  • How to handle geographic differences around self-care – and why they matter


Randi Kay’s Instagram

Randi’s Simple Self-Care Podcast

The Naturally Randi Kay website

More About Randi

Randi Kay is a wellness practitioner and educator. She supports women who are trying to manage their stress and natural rhythms as they try to balance their work and personal demands. Randi teaches women holistic ways to tune into their inner wisdom and establish healing seasonal practices so they feel empowered and well equipped to heal their own pain and finally feel healthy and at home from the inside out.