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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Sep 24, 2019

I get right into the subject of upheaval and change by talking about failure – not always a bright spot, of course, but one heck of a learning path! I recount my adventures in trying to get out there and make a name for myself in my work with my essay, “How a Career Full of Failures Taught Me Inner Peace.” And yes, I have been humbled, many times! But did I learn? Heck, yes!

I follow with an on-air self-care coaching session with Self-Talk Radio host Sarah Spencer – a dynamic Vermonter who has interviewed all sorts of voices in the self-help world. And she’s an award-winning internet marketer, as well. But mostly she’s another extremely busy woman trying to keep body and soul together.

Listen as we cover how to ease gracefully into transition, as Sarah shares how she let go after the upheaval of unexpectedly moving her home.

Things I learned include:

  • What her safety nets were as she went through her transition
  • Tools she used to recover from upheaval
  • Helpful words she told herself
  • The emotional reset required after her business tanked for an month
  • The prayer she used every day
  • The unexpected benefits of aging … and the second Saturn return



Self-Talk Radio

Sarah’s LinkedIn page


Sarah Spencer’s radio show, Self-Talk Radio, reaches half a million listeners through the Hall Communications channel. She is also an award-winning Internet Marketer.