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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Aug 6, 2019

Let’s take stress by the horns, shall we? In this episode, I begin by sharing an essay I wrote called “How to Find the Lessons in Everyday Life”. It recounts the unlikely place I’ve found I have to delve into when I want those lessons. Turns out – it’s all about your emotions.

Which is why I wanted to interview the lovely Julie Yogaressa – just her voice makes you melt. Julie shares what she has learned as a practitioner on Spotify and other places of the ancient art of yoga nidra. This is a 20 to 60-minute guided visualization that methodically relaxes every part of your body AND your mind AND your emotions – and it’s a great solution if you find seated meditation tricky. It’s also like taking the best nap you ever took, and completely calming yourself at the same time. You walk away with your upset truly ‘reset’ … it’s wonderful!

Here’s what I learned:

  • What is so unique about this form of ‘yogic sleep’
  • The long-term benefits of yoga nidra
  • How to use yoga nidra to improve sleep
  • The importance of keeping a yoga nidra schedule
  • How a long term practice effects the subconscious
  • What the sankalpa is and why this is part of yoga nidra


Julie Yogaressa’s website


Julie is a certified meditation and yoga teacher from South Africa, where she first discovered yoga. In a former life, she was a high-powered business exec in the demanding high-tech industry in the US and Europe, and she welcomed mindfulness and yoga as a blueprint for how to live a healthier, happier life. She learnt how she could integrate the calm of yoga with the pressures of work; merging The Peaceful Yogini with The Fired-up Business Warrior.

Thousands of Oms later, Julie teaches mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to individuals, groups and organizations in the US, and leads yoga retreats to exquisite destinations.