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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Nov 3, 2020

I know you, and about now you may be quietly (or loudly) tearing your hair out. You might have decided you’ve had JUST ABOUT ENOUGH of all this pandemic stress. That’s why it’s time for a roundup of all the self-care hacks, tricks, tips and resources that have helped me really keep an even keel.

Peruse the list below as you listen to the show… you’ll find links to all kinds of cool things, many of which I’ve not written about before.

In the end, we know that self-care is ‘an inside job’. No facial or smoothie is really going to provide the self-care we all know we need. Yet, sometimes a few soothing tools really help.

Sent with love from me to you,


How to Stop Having the Same Old Problems (Intro Essay)

Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Steven Guise

Modern One Line a Day Journal: A Five-Year Memory Book

Sprouting Kit Sprouting Kits

My show with Doug Evans on Sprouts

AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge

Insight Timer App

My Top Five Spotify soothing playlists

  1. Instrumental Backdrop
  2. Gentle Piano Concertos
  3. Book Club (the one with 108 songs)
  4. Sweater Weather Instrumentals
  5. Nature Instrumental

Spotify App

Devi Yoga

Yoga Blocks and Yoga Strap


Jane Green books

The Sunshine Sisters

Summer Secrets

My Joy books

The Joy of Letting Go

Surrendering to Joy

The Extremely Busy Woman’s Guide to Self-Care

Jigsaw Puzzles

Greatest bookstore in the world

New Yorker Puzzles

New Yorker cat Nap

Indian Pillows

The Puzzle Store storage box for jigsaw puzzles

… and don’t forget.

Hold it all as an experiment!