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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Aug 23, 2022

Deanna Yates shares the minimalism lifestyle, minimalism tips, minimalism for families and even for cars! You can shed stuff and find happiness.


I open this show by reading my essay ‘Ten Ways to Stop Being Insanely Busy’—slowing down for spiritual growth and everything else. Self-care really CAN be that simple.


My guest, Deanna Yates, is a minimalist expert who has a lot to share with so many great minimalism tips about how to do life more simply—and far more meaningfully. Think about it. If you have less stuff, you really do have a lot more flexibility, probably less to manage and worry about, and easier access to good old Flow State. And yes…you can even be minimalist with kids in the house!


Among other things we discussed:

  • Decluttering and minimalism
  • How our stuff affects how we feel about ourselves
  • Perfectionist tendencies with decluttering
  • Kids and how to get them to help
  • Working with a ‘capsule wardrobe’
  • The magic power of the Power Tidy Up
  • Decluttering your kitchen

…and a whole lot more!


Really, this is a particularly tip-rich show. May you enjoy!




Ten Ways to Stop Being Insanely Busy


Deanna’s Website and her Guides


Wannabe Minimalist podcast on Apple





Deanna Yates is the founder and CEO of Wannabe Clutter Free and host of the popular podcast, the Wannabe Minimalist Show. She is passionate about helping busy families learn how to let go of the stuff holding them back so they can enjoy more time together, stop spending their weekends cleaning house, and wake up excited for the day ahead. When she's not helping clients realize their dreams, you can find her paddle boarding, searching for the tastiest breakfast burrito, or balancing her love of world travel with her love of snuggling up on the couch.