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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Mar 30, 2021

This show is about mindfulness—specifically through painting. Which is why I began it with an essay about one of the hard parts we often need mindfulness for… anger. I share about my own journey of learning to process my anger in a healthy way, in a recent essay on my blog.

Now, even though my dad was a professional artist, I’m no painter. These days picking up a paintbrush feels like an unlikely thing for me to do. And yet…there are advantages to doing exactly this. My interview with mindfulness painting expert Jody Tompros really opened my eyes, and made me want to try it.

I could tell it felt so liberating—and Jody says it clears the heart and the soul. For this truly is a way to heal from the inside out.

Among other things, I learned

  • How to get past your inner critic when you try painting
  • How to actually begin
  • Why painting is a whole body experience
  • You really don’t have to know how to paint to do this—for real!
  • Seven key principles to painting for mindfulness
  • How to equip your studio

And so much more….

May you find some inspiration here, friend.


Suzanne’s essay, The Joy and Relief of Getting Mad Responsibly

Jody Tompros’s website

Jody’s Sunday painting retreats

Jody’s video on Supplies and Space


Jody is a clinical social worker with more than 30 years of experience. She’s been a meditator for 35 years and painting intuitively for 15 years. Her work is her passion.