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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

May 15, 2018

I share an essay I wrote in 2016, inspired by deciding I had done enough – and worked enough – and evolved enough – and just plain was enough to deserve my own self-love. The antidote to all that overdoing we tend to engage in …

I also talk to Mara Glatzel, a wonderful blogger and teacher who helps us all engage in the question of when we are enough. In her words, her work is built around the desire to live a well-intentioned life, which means… more joy, grit, and vibrant imperfection to spare.

More specifically … can we love the bodies we have been given?

Mara also had some really cogent, wonderful advice for those of us most used to Doing all the time

Things I learned talking to Mara:

  • Why our body fantasies exist
  • How to give up your body fantasy
  • What she did to heal her own burnout
  • What true self-care is … and what it isn’t
  • What to do if we are using food to meet our needs
  • The emotional role diets play in our lives
  • Mara’s recommended self-care practices