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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Oct 16, 2018

Hello! I’m so glad you’re here. This episode is all about emotional presence – and learning how to cope with the repercussions when you’re not so present.

I’ll begin with an essay I wrote called ‘How to Find the Lessons Hidden in Everyday Dilemmas’. In it, I talk about how to fit your emotions into their right space in your life. For the fact is, they can be wonderful teachers – and frankly, that letting off of steam is necessary.

I end my essay with this quote from Teal, written a year before her death while on a hike through Italy. In my mind it kind of says it all.

On my way back I saw this cemetery … It was white marble and really amazing … overlooking the sea, cliffs, mountains, and towns. So I chose to meditate and I got: ‘Go to Thailand, open your heart, open your soul and be.’

“The whole ‘be’ thing really made an impact on me. I realized in life I am never really there. I tend to be thinking about the future or past or something someone said instead of being in the moment, and taking it in for all its beauty.

After this meditation I knew I had been transformed because I looked out over the ocean and mountain scene in front of me and started to cry. I was really able to take it all in and I finally realized how blessed I am to be here, and how many beautiful things there are here.”

Do You Have Tech Neck? An Interview with chiropractor Robert Adamich,

If you’re on your phone all the time, like too many of us here in the Bay Area, you may have a cranky neck. Robert’s identified a syndrome many patients come in with, that he calls ‘Tech Neck’. Turns out it’s avoidable, but only if you take the right steps.

Here’s what I learned:

  • What ‘Tech Neck’ actually is and what causes it
  • Why ‘Tech Neck’ is such a problem
  • How to begin to heal it
  • Some daily practices that can prevent ‘Tech Neck’
  • How much work should you do that involves bending over screens?
  • What fluid intake has to do with ‘Tech Neck’
  • A healing end of the day ritual

Take a listen! It’s a wonderful episode … and as ever I end with a healing two-minute meditation.



Robert’s Blog and Website

More information on ‘Tech Neck’