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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Oct 8, 2019

I begin this episode by reading my essay, Self-Care for #MeToo Feminists. It charts my progress from being a wife of 25 years to coming out as a lesbian and trekking west to begin to meet my own needs. This is for you if you’ve been feeling stuck in your life, beholden to others first, or you wonder about the question ‘Do I still have to clean up before dinner parties?’

I’ve often felt like I was either a complete slacker with my diet – or that I was overly rigid. Somehow it’s always been tricky for me, even though I’ve always been at a healthy weight. The trouble existed in my mind … and my guest, Julie Duffy Dillon, is here to put us all back together again. I don’t know about you, but I found this episode very healing!

More importantly, I’ve changed some of my crazy thinking about food. Hope this is a support to you as needed.

On this show, I learned:

  • What our culture has to say about our bodies
  • Julie’s interesting view on diets
  • Does the entire world have an eating disorder?
  • How to let your body make peace with food … and heal again
  • How to make a healthy decision about, say, donuts
  • How to ramp up your own innate body wisdom
  • Where body shame kicks in with our eating
  • Perfectionism’s cost when it comes to food
  • The illusion about our aging bodies and food

Hope you find this useful!


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Julie’s Website


Julie Duffy Dillon, RDN, is the host of the Love Food podcast, nutrition therapist and eating disorder specialist. The award-winning dietician is also seen on TLC’s ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life”.