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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Mar 9, 2021

I begin this week’s show with a very personal blog from 2020 about how I used EMDR, an innovative technique, to heal my infant trauma. It was amazingly helpful!

Have you ever wished there was a magic system you could just plug in and your life would run smoothly? The kids’ needs or your boss’s demands would be all taken care of. You’d have plenty of time for self-care, peace and serenity. And yet… such a thing actually IS possible.

My guest Cara Harvey is an expert on streamlining and systems to help busy moms and women in general be more productive. Our talk blew my mind with Cara’s innovation, and just plain passion for serving busy women.

She’s got FABULOUS ideas for you!

Among other things, I learned:

  • How to move past overwhelm and burnout no matter how busy you are
  • Why our 24 hours differs, person to person
  • Obstacle planning and why it matters
  • Cara’s ‘magical file cabinet’
  • Time blocks and why they’re so important
  • Optional time blocking themes
  • Overcoming your self-care guilt
  • Cara’s ‘Thought Catcher’ time and how that can help
  • What about letting others down?
  • Cara’s favorite online systems (see below)

Hope you enjoy it!


Your Free Pass to Cara’s Purpose Driven Woman Virtual Summit

Suzanne’s essay, How I Used EMDR to Heal My Trauma

Suzanne’s Self-Care Channel on YouTube


Cara is a wife, mom to a 14-year-old stepson, 5-year-old daughter, 3-year-old son, and a woman of God. She works as a productivity coach and her mission is to help busy moms take massive action on their goals and 3x their productivity without overwhelm or burnout. She does this via her blog, podcast — The Purpose Driven Mom Show, virtual community groups, and e-courses that help women learn to prioritize their lives!