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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jul 26, 2022

Suzanne chats about the Enneagram with Leadership coach Robert Weinberg. Learn why the Enneagram matters, how to find your type, and resources online for more info.

Today’s show begins with some fun thoughts about raising your vibe—how is it anyway? Heavy and somber? Light and energized? Your own personal vibration has a lot to do with how you roll throughout your day.

Do you know what your Enneagram type is? Are you an Enthusiast? A Leader? A Reformer? My chat with executive and business team coach Robert Weinberg helps us understand more about this unique form of personality analysis—and why it matters.

Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • Where the Enneagram began
  • How it can help you get along with others
  • Why it helps us understand how others react
  • The unique role Enneagram typing plays in group dynamics
  • How to find your own Enneagram type

It’s a fun show—and an interesting one I’ve wanted to do for years!

And here we are….




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Suzanne’s blog, How’s Your Vibe?

A free Enneagram test online

The Enneagram Institute diagnostic test

Suzanne’s favorite Ennegram book:

Discovering Your Personality Type/Riso and Hudson

Robert Weinberg’s Website


Robert Weinberg is the principal of Weinberg Consulting and provides Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Consulting for leaders and teams committed to producing extraordinary results.

Robert partners with executives and their teams to enhance leadership capabilities and produce:

  • Enhanced communication and collaboration


  • Alignment around vision, mission, values and results


  • Increases in performance, beyond the predictable


  • Cultures of innovation and strategic thinking.

He is an Accredited Professional of the International Enneagram Association and an Integrative Enneagram™ certified practitioner.

Robert’s clients are primarily leaders of Fortune 100 companies, including Nvidia, Gilead Sciences, HP, JNJ, Twitch (Amazon), and PayPal, among others.