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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Apr 28, 2020

Right about now, we could all collectively use a laugh, yes? That’s why I invited well known comic and fellow podcaster Leanne Morgan on my show. But before that … I share one of my more popular essays, 7 Keys to a Happier Life.

Cause hey, maybe you’re in the mood for one right about now. (Just guessing.)

OMG… that is all I can say after talking to Leanne Morgan. She is an original, that’s for damn sure. Vulnerable, real, essentially Southern (in Tennessee) and extremely hilarious. I wanted to talk to her to just break the logjam of emotions we are all dealing with right now.

Listen if you want some real girl talked mixed with hilarity AND …

  • Jello salad
  • Perimenopause
  • Living with adult children who suddenly have to come home
  • Will this make us better?
  • Do we need a therapist … or a comedian?

And much more that simply must be experienced. That’s all I’m sayin’!

Enjoy dear friends,


Sweaty & Pissed

Leanne’s Instagram, where she posts her Jello Salad videos from her porch

Leanne’s website

Guilt Detox

Suzanne’s Self-Care Group for Extremely Busy Women on Facebook


Leanne’s funny but honest point of view has earned her spots on the Dr. Phil show as part of his “advice panel.”  Leanne was chosen by The View as one of their most hilarious housewife’s and she was a finalist on Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom in America.  She has also had contracts with Warner Brothers and ABC to develop a sitcom based on her comedy and is currently collaborating with writer/producer Matt Williams (“Roseanne,” “Home Improvement”) and Lionsgate on a ½ hour sitcom.

Leanne is heard daily on Sirius / XM  Comedy Channels and has appeared in comedy clubs, performing arts centers, and theatres across the country. In addition to her solo stand up career, she toured with the "Southern Fried Chicks" for three years and is currently part of a new comedy tour called "Country Cool."  

Karen Nickell is a licensed nurse practitioner.