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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Nov 5, 2019

The beginning of the holidays will soon be here. With it the onslaught of a LOT of whipped cream, chocolate, turkey, stuffing, eggnog,  etc etc etc.. In other words, calories galore! So how are we self-aware, self-careish gals going to cope?

I think I have an idea. Let’s get on top of the illusions around dieting, and using food to resolve our other problems, and hit the reset. That’s why I brought in an intuitive eating expert. And why I begin this show with an essay I wrote What If Can't Hear Heart's Desire?

(Take note – there’s a fun GIFT in this episode for you as well, right before the interview. The link is below…)

It was an interesting chat with mental health counselor Jessica Foley, an advocate for Intuitive Eating – the new science that guides us towards body wellness that dispenses with diets and focuses instead on taking the body’s cues. She shared some remarkable stories and ideas about how she works with patients to rid their food cravings and feelings of insecurity that drive body perfectionism, binge eating and more.

Together we discussed:

  • How we learn to eat, in general
  • What is really going on with restrictive food programs
  • What binge eating is and how it differes from, say, eating a bag of chips
  • Why this is a particular problem in the US
  • The connection we automatically make in our culture between weight and health
  • The new ‘model of good health’ and what that looks like

It’s an eye-opening conversation that will make you stop and think, perhaps, about your own ingrained patters with eating.


Dr Evelyn Tribole on Intuitive Eating

Jessica Foley’s website

Your Free Gift


Jessica writes: “I hold a Master’s of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a specialization in Holistic Studies, from Lesley University. I am a past President and past Professional Development Coordinator of the Massachusetts Mental Health Counselor’s Association, and have been licensed by the Commonwealth. I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of CA, and in the state of AZ.  In addition to having gone to Lesley University, I also taught as Adjunct Faculty in the undergraduate program.

I love helping women in the Waltham and Boston area achieve their goals and really heal through the power of individual therapy.”