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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

May 10, 2018

Join me in this rolling discussion of how to keep tech – apps, social media, texts, and our ever-present smart phones – from consuming our lives. In an age that values overstimulation, and the constant reaction and rush to the next thing, a Buddhist perspective helps.

Dawn Mauricio, a long-time yoga teacher and now Buddhist practitioner, has great ideas about how to put tech into its right place in our lives. Here are some of the things we discussed …

Listen. It will help you find just the right balance for your own tech use – and so create more energizing space in your life.

In speaking to Dawn, I learned:

  • Where to ground yourself if you feel lost in a tech whirl
  • The low-stress way to handle triggering or upsetting headlines or posts on social media

(without totally disengaging)

  • How to meditate in just a few moments per day … and still get benefit
  • How we are taught to crave more and more stimulation on social media … and how to dial it back
  • How to manage our technology cravings throughout the day … even first thing in the morning
  • How to create more space and pockets of down time in your life … and why this matters
  • Creative ways to ‘do nothing’ … a great model to follow
  • Tools, apps and settings that help create more serenity with your phone
  • What happens when we finally create all this extra space in our schedules and lives