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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jun 1, 2021

I get things going with an essay I wrote back in 2017 that still applies today—how to avoid being ‘insanely busy’. Because, let’s admit it, if you’re here… you probably are. May you find in this little piece a few nuggets you’ve been looking for.

Do you want to deal with your anxiety? Gina Ryan, host of The Anxiety Coaches podcast has your back in this episode’s interview. As a nutritionist and anxiety thought leader in Maui, Hawaii, she finds many subtle and important connections between food, anxiety and our general level of well-being. But that’s not all … Gina and I got into all sorts of interesting material here.

Among other things, we covered:

  • The important connection between anxiety and food
  • Why do we eat from boredom?
  • How to override the usual snack cues
  • How to manage anxiety throughout the day
  • The impact of screen time on anxiety
  • Repressed grief and its impact on anxiety
  • Some anxiety soothers you can implement right now.

Enjoy … And, hey, don’t forget to breathe!


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Gina is an Anxiety Coach and Nutritionist who struggled with general anxiety, panic and agoraphobia for over 20 years. She is also host of The Anxiety Coaches podcast. Gina consults as the nutritionist for Hawaii's only residential Eating Disorder Center and was the nutritionist for an Intensive Outpatient Center for 8 years. Using her knowledge and wisdom of the mind-body and spirit to help clients clear their food related anxiety, obsessions and compulsions.