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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

May 18, 2021

Detecting and preventing breast cancer is more crucial than ever, as the disease is seriously on the rise. So Corrinne Beaumont decided to do something about it. She’s a gifted designer who became an activist for breast cancer prevention after losing both her grandmother and her dear friend to the disease. And her message is one that is quintessential self-care. Tune in to YOU, and yes… your breasts. Remarkably—Corinne makes this fun!

Why? Because regularly checking your own breasts for lumps and changes can save your life. But no one likes to think about heavy medical ‘doctor stuff’ right? So why not make this process that we all must do, but often don’t,  a little more engaging and even fun? And more reliable? 

That’s the idea behind Corrine’s brilliant website and app, Know Your Lemons.

Here’s what I learned from our talk:

  • The myths around breast cancer and detection
  • The reason unawareness persists about this
  • Why is breast cancer more prevalent than ever?
  • What’s the link between your period and breast cancer?
  • Self-exams—everything you need to know in more detail
  • How to use a fun app to keep track!

I’ve got a new self-care habit in my toolkit now… how about you?

Take care, good friend!


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"Beautifully designed information empowers people." This is the motto behind the work of designer and CEO of the Know Your Lemons Foundation, Dr. Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont. She founded the charity after her grandmothers and a close friend died from the disease, and in the last four years has reached over 1 billion people with her #knowyourlemons campaign. Raised in Idaho, she spent 12 years in London developing her campaign and researching how to communicate visually for global audiences. She's spoken at the World Cancer Congress, the United Nations Civil Societies Conference, and was a design and business professor in London teaching entrepreneurship, multidisciplinary work, and branding. A single mom, she understands what it's like to be an Extremely Busy Woman, but finds ways to fit in travel where she can—her 8 year old has been on 88 flights so far! She and her daughter now live in Salt Lake City with their fluffy dog Daisy.