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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jul 28, 2020

It’s time we took a good hard look at rest, and our ability to maximize it. That’s why I’ve begun this show by reading my essay, 13 Ways to Overcome Sleeplessness. Even if you think you’ve tried everything, I know you’ll find relief here. Some of these remedies continue to help me sleep quite well!

Today’s interview is with the interesting Fiona Thomas. She’s really gotten underneath our need for social media—and what that costs us in terms of depression and anxiety. And given that more and more of us are soaking up more digital media all the time, given world news right now, this seems like an important heads up.

I hope you find the following as useful as I did:

  • Fiona’s own digital media & depression story
  • How this led to compulsive overheating and working out
  • The cost of following social media influencers
  • How to protect yourself online if you’re vulnerable
  • Taking an ‘offline vacation’ and what the impact is
  • How (and why) to be more authentic online
  • Did the depression/anxiety shift with her online use?
  • How she now eases her anxiety

May this be a help as we navigate rough waters.

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Say Goodnight to Insomnia, Gregg Jacobs

Steps to Elicit the Relaxation Response, Herbert Benson

Fiona Thomas website

Depression in a Digital Age book

Article on Social Media and Anxiety Disorder (VeryWellMind)


Fiona Thomas describes herself this way:

I’m a Glasgow girl living in Birmingham and was diagnosed with depression in 2012. I was unable to work for almost a year, and turned to blogging in that time as a hobby.

However, though it started off as a way to pass time, I quickly became obsessed with the online world, leading me to experience high levels of anxiety. Now a proud advocate for technology as a communication tool for those of us who suffer the crippling symptoms of mental illness, I have used the internet to help hone my identity and create a supportive community.

I’m a successful author and freelance writer with work published on Metro, Healthline, Heads Together, Mind, iNews and Happiful magazine.

Fiona Thomas is also the author of Depression in a Digital Age.