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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Aug 31, 2021

Even though she was a successful TV commentator who ‘had it all’ Laura Behnke kept waiting for love… and didn’t find her first boyfriend until she was 35. They married when she was 38, and so she had a major realization. Many of us spend our lives waiting for things to happen. As a coach, she has helped many women how to take control of their lives. This became the basis of The Life Actually Company which she runs.

While chatting with Laura I learned:

  • Why she felt behind even with all of her success
  • What took her so long to surrender to love
  • How any of us can learn to love ourselves more
  • The thinking that trips so many of us up from reaching our goals
  • How we know we are lovable now
  • Positive proof that you don’t need to be fixed


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Laura Behnke is a writer, speaker, coach, and the creator of The Life Actually Company™. A 16-year TV sports anchor and reporter veteran, Laura left the business in 2017 to pursue her passion for supporting and empowering women in all phases of their lives. Her work helps women put aside the idea of what you should be doing and instead to embrace your unique path. There’s the way you thought your life would go and then there’s your life, actually. It’s the actually that holds all of the possibilities, once you choose to accept it. Laura lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Marc and their labradoodle, Oxford.