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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Sep 15, 2020

Hello friends!As we emerge into the fall, and all of the challenges and mojo that brings with it, I stopped to pause for a moment … and reflect on a sunset. I begin this show with an unpublished piece of writing I did that’s been a favorite ever since I wrote it. It tells the story of my late daughter Teal, and a memorable interaction we had around a sunset.

I welcome ‘Plant Trainer’ Shoshana Chaim in this show, a busy mom AND an expert on living a plant-based life. Her breadth of experience is quite awesome. It really made me consider going plant-based myself, which is not only beneficial for the planet, it’s a way for all of us to get a whole lot more healthy energy on board.

In particular, we talked about

  • Her incredible story on becoming plant-based
  • Why ‘neutral foods’ matter… and what they are
  • How being plant-based has affected her parenting skills
  • Why we don’t really taste our food
  • How being plant based has amped up her energy
  • How to talk about a plant-based diet with your kids… and what to expect
  • Useful tips for getting everyone, kids included, on board

It’s an inspiring show… I hope you love it!


The Lesson in the Sunset

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Shoshana is a Family Health and Wellness Coach who works one-on-one with busy parents and families to alleviate the stress in life that’s caused by poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and chronic illness. She’s also the co-host of the popular Plant Trainers Podcast.