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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Aug 15, 2018

In this episode I take you inside my usually overstuffed To Do list, and we look at why To Do lists in general get so damn packed. If yours is like mine, it accumulates a whole lot of extra stuff that’s basically impossible to complete. And that gets my recovering perfectionist going …

And yet … there is hope!

I begin this podcast by reading my essay, How I Learned to Relax and Stop Being a Perfectionist.

Then I follow by sharing specific steps I’m taking to deal with this To Do list – and the necessary permissions I’ve given myself to NOT have to get it all done. This is for you if you end each day feeling both tired, and vaguely guilty for not making a long list of miracles happen. I’m with you, sister!

You’ll learn:

  • The impact of overwork on our sleep
  • What’s underneath the compulsive drive to do too much
  • The thinking behind wishing we had flat tummies AND far more power to do the impossible
  • One of my late daughter Teal’s channeled phrases that has helped me cope with my To Do list and my guilt

And you’ll get a great pep talk for NOT overdoing it – and, perhaps, a little perspective, too. Here’s a photo from Teal’s notebook of channeled phrases that she left behind … with a message for us all.

As usual we end the show with a very brief healing meditation that will help that inner perfectionist (if you have one) sit down and take five.

Thanks for being here with me!