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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jul 31, 2018

I love flowers … and I love to grow beautiful plants. So naturally, I began to make the connection between self-care and that happy, contented feeling I get in my garden. Here are a few shots from the garden to share what I mean. This summer I’m especially excited about my ‘Violet’s Pride’ rose – kind of a nod to good old Downton Abbey.

In this episode, I open with an essay that really gets at the state of Grace – the flow – that we can find in a simple activity like gardening. I share my own embrace of how to get into flow, and let go of the daily suffering in our lives.

I’ve also interviewed a leading expert in the ‘fertile’ field of discovering your creativity through gardening. Fran Sorin has a lot to say about these things … and is the author of the definitive book about the healing value of digging in the dirt and growing veggies and flowers.

Here’s what I learned in our chat:

  • Evidence that at least 80 million of us are out of touch with our self-care
  • Why gardening is relevant here and now
  • The relationship between gardening and meditation
  • How to create garden mojo EVEN when you live in an apartment in the city
  • Proof that there is an actual ‘brain’ in plants
  • Some easy, practical tips for watering that will put you back together, too
  • Instant great garden-building tips

Listen and enjoy … it’s a fun, nurturing chat!


Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening


Fran Sorin is a multi-disciplinary gardening and creativity expert and a veteran of the media-… From the moment that Fran decided she wanted to share her passion for gardening with a large audience-- and approached the local Fox TV station in Philadelphia about doing some gardening TV features--she became a fixture on the TV circuit. She spent years as a gardening authority on Philadelphia's Fox and NBC stations, was a regular gardening contributor on NBC's Weekend Today Show, and made several appearances on Lifetime, HGTV, Discovery, CNN, DIY, and Comcast. Fran is the CBS Radio News Garden Correspondent and has written dozens of articles about gardening and well-being for USA Weekend Magazine and Radius Magazine. She has spent more than twenty-five years working and developing community projects that have served the diverse community of West Philadelphia, including Radnor Recycles for Refugees and Shooting For The Stars, a not-for-profit organization and motivational program for elementary students. She has recently initiated a community garden and learning center on the grounds of a church in West Philadelphia. Fran is a graduate of The University of Chicago with Honors in Psychology and One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.