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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Feb 22, 2022

This show begins with an essay I wrote sharing my history with yoga—a remarkable transformation has occurred after 36 years (mostly) of practicing. Honestly, as I looked back I was kind of amazed at the power this 2000 year old practice has. I also share the link below to my favorite online yogini, Kashi Ananda.

In my interview with Emily Harman, we explored the fascinating world of Positive Intelligence. It’s sort of like a positive spin on Emotional Intelligence, and it’s the next big thing in the world of behavioral competences. Emily shared a lot she’s learned from coaching this:

  • The difference between positive thinking and positive intelligence
  • The different saboteurs in our heads and which ones are hurting us
  • The cost of these inner voices—and what we gain when we harness them
  • Harnessing the saboteurs in the moment
  • What busy women can say to their saboteurs

So much great stuff here!  I hope you enjoy.



What I’ve Gotten from Doing Yoga for 36 Years

Kashi Ananda’s Yoga

Emily’s Saboteurs Assessment

Emily’s Positive Intelligence Coaching Program


Emily Harman is a peak performance coach and the host of the Onward Podcast. She knows what it feels like to constantly push yourself to achieve and lose yourself in the process. Not too long ago, she decided enough was enough. Her dreams had become buried under a mound of responsibilities. After putting everyone and everything else first, she finally decided to create a life that she loves living. Emily created a life with less stress and overwhelm, with more purpose and meaning. 

Now she coaches successful, high achievers to recognize the patterns and inner blocks holding them back from living a life that they love. She helps them achieve peak performance, experience peace of mind, and improve their personal and professional relationships.