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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Sep 8, 2020

I start this week’s show with a good hard look at anger I held in most of my adult life… and how I learned to heal it. This one’s for you if you’ve suffered from anxious, tense shoulders, grinding jaws and teeth, and a sense you’re going to explode sometimes. The good news is… you can recover! I’m here to tell you how in my essay, How I Learned to Stop Fighting… And How I’m Healing My Anger.

My guest is the fun, wise and inspiring body transformation coach Jennifer Nagel. She totally rocks it with usable ideas you can immediate put into motion to create an exercise routine (if you don’t have one) or modify your existing one to be more efficient. And more fun.

(Squatting with dogs… for real!)

Loved our chat, and you will, too! Here’s what we talked about:

  • The value of ‘small bites’ when it comes to exercise and wellness
  • Can you truly get fit in 10 minute chunks?
  • 4 fun exercise combos (videos below)
  • How to start from zero and get back into shape again

And why? Because nothing—NOTHING—effects your well-being like a regular fitness routine. And we’re here to help you fit this into your life.

Here’s to your abundant self-care!


Suzanne’s Free Self-Care Course

10 Minute Resistance Training video on YouTube

Link to my program page with a free strength training tutorial

Jennifer’s website

Jennifer Nagel is a certified personal trainer and body transformation expert, specializing in helping high performing women over 30 get fit for life. Her credentials include:

✔ B.S. Michigan State University, Food Science

✔ MBA University of Michigan Flint, Management

✔ ACE Certified Personal Trainer

✔ NPC Women’s Figure Competitor 2016-2018