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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jul 10, 2020

Welcome to the podcast that aims to help you get past your struggles. What Back to Happy’s hosts offer is a little perspective, much of which they gained when Suzanne’s daughter’s heart saved Debi’s daughter’s life. Debi is also a Paradise wildfire survivor. These life-defining experiences changed both of them for the better, as they completely reinvented their lives with the wisdom of a new perspective.
In fact, Suzanne’s daughter Teal wanted to be a healer before her sudden death. And today Debi’s daughter Amera actually is a healer, working in a hospital to provide people with cardio sonograms. This podcast is meant to continue Teal’s healing legacy, as Debi and Suzanne share her positivity.
Today both of them truly are happier than ever, even after losing everything. Each show offers uplifting, humorous talk and answers to your hard questions. Debi and Suzanne take on life’s greatest challenges, from anxiety to grief, anger, finding healthy relationships, making difficult requests. And, of course, they’ll be sharing their organ donation story, as well as your write-in questions.
No matter what you’ve been through … you really can get back to happy!