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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Feb 25, 2020

One of my best self-care practices has been to make occasional trips to Paris. I’ve been many times over the years because this place is some kind of power center for me. I’m changed by every visit in positive ways. What delights me is the incredible inspiration I get—of not knowing what delight you’ll find around every corner.

So I begin this show by sharing of a chance encounter with the cabaret impresario Michou in a small café.

What follows is a fantastic conversation with a real powerhouse. Jennifer Ashton is the chief medical correspondent for ABC News and Good Morning America among others, and she is author of a new book, The Self-Care Solution. In it, she charts an entire year she spent pursuing all different aspects of self-care as she grieved her ex-husband’s death.

I learned:

  • Jennifer’s ‘Three S’s’ when it comes to self-care
  • How to create more laughter in your life and why it actually matters
  • How many of her self-care experiments have endured in her life
  • How she holds failure
  • Some striking information about women and drinking wine
  • How she was changed by her crisis

It’s a moving story, and what she discovered will definitely inspire you. Jennifer’s got the goods AND she’s a doc to boot, so she’s got all kinds of healing advice to share.

May you enjoy!



The Self-Care Solution Book

Jennifer Ashton’s Website



Jennifer Ashton is a physician, author, and chief medical correspondent for ABC News and Good Morning America, chief women's health correspondent for The Dr. Oz Show, and a columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine. She is also the author of a new book, The Self-Care Solution (Morrow).