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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jan 19, 2021

I begin today’s show with an essay that’s proven popular—Seven Ideas for a Happier Life. In it, I reflect on what I learned in the eight incredible years since my daughter Teal died, and I pushed the massive reset button. Hope you find some inspiration here.

My guests … are guys! Yes, guys. And extremely busy ones who’ve got self-care so dialed in I HAD to have them on the show. You’re going to love these two, Ron Eddings and Chris Cochran of the Hacker Valley Podcast.

Among other things, I learned about the following:

  • Some of their key self-care principles
  • Important lessons in boundaries Ron learned when he lived with Chris
  • A surprising question Ron asks himself
  • The very cool way Chris thinks about his home office
  • Ron’s soothing morning and evening routines
  • What ‘perfect’ really is

… and so much more.

Take a listen, and remember … you are a marvelous soul, capable of beautiful things. So go take care of yourself!



Seven Ideas for a Happier Life

GIFT: How’s Your Self-Care… and How You Can Make it Better

Hacker Valley Studio Podcast

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