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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jan 24, 2023

We begin today’s show with a blog I wrote about a key to personal power … and that’s clarity. Do you actually KNOW what you want in this life—or need? Most of us haven’t slowed down enough to find out. That’s why I read a blog called ‘What if I Don’t Know What I Want?’


If this rings a bell … then this one’s for you, friend. Enjoy.


Cool guest on today’s show—Samara Bay. She’s a voice coach to actors, influencers, and corporate bigwigs in Hollywood. And she shares the fundamentals of shring your voice to reflect your true power.


Samara says: “Hating your voice is a systemic problem, not a personal feeling.” In other words, a lot of us hate how we sound. But can we change it? You bet.


Among other things, I learned:

  • How to use your voice to get what you want
  • Our shame around our voices
  • That we have a ‘true’ voice that is baseline authentic
  • Habits that can create a particular voice image
  • Why we may feel we need to get ‘permission’ to be empowered speakers
  • Technical tips for creating authentic voice


I hope you enjoy this—and grab some mojo from it!





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Samara’s book:

Permission to Speak; How to Change What Power Sounds Like, Starting with You


Suzanne’s book, Free Spirited; How My Daughter Healed Me From the Afterlife

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Samara’s website




Samara Bay is a sought-after speech coach,

author, speaker and thought leader whose

coaching clients include top actors in

Hollywood, C-suite execs and thought leaders,

candidates for U.S. Congress, and celebrities

presenting at award shows and at the UN. Her

debut book, Permission to Speak (Crown,

Penguin Random House), is slated for early

2023 and her work on rethinking the sound of

power has been featured in The New York Times

Magazine, Forbes, CBS Sunday Morning, Tamron

Hall, Slate, Create & Cultivate and Jezebel. She

lives in Los Angeles, with her husband, son and

dog, Moxie.