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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Feb 19, 2019

One of the many unexpected gifts that came from my daughter Teal’s death was a precious, slightly tattered red spiral notebook filled with healing wisdom. In it are hundreds of channeled quotes and insights she received in meditations. This is where I begin my conversation with you about the healing wisdom of the body.

To that end, I begin by reading a popular essay I wrote a while back called ‘Are Your Hot Flashes Trying to Tell You Something?’ Read on – and listen in -- if this applies to you. This is wisdom that can be applied across the board, no matter what uncomfortable or uncommon body symptoms you are experiencing.

It’s old news that there is a powerful body-mind connection, of course. But Teal’s take on it is special I think. So I spend a fair amount of time in the main section of the podcast talking about her ideas on what the body tells us about our minds.

You will learn:

  • How to observe what is going on in your body – and see if you’re squelching that information
  • Some helpful questions you can ask yourself about your own body discomforts
  • What cravings might be trying to tell you
  • The four most common emotions we try to suppress, mask or avoid … though our bodies won’t let us do that for long

As ever I look forward to your ideas as well. Feel free to drop me a note at Suzanne AT if you want to make a comment about this podcast.


Take care … and don’t forget to take good care!