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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Aug 16, 2022

Suzanne interviews morning routine podcaster Lilly Balch, host of The Morning Ritual, all about key essentials to starting your day off on the right foot, including breathwork, healing ideas, what to drink and just how to caffeinate effectively


I begin today’s show with a blog I wrote in the first few years after Teal’s death called ‘How to Stop Having the Same Old Problems’. It’s really about what I learned was the key to serious personal evolution—it CAN be done! And the way into this work is surprising.


My guest, Lilly Balch, had much to share about morning routines, rituals and designing your day for maximum effectiveness. Believe it or not, anyone really can make these simple changes—it’s all gloriously up to you. For where there’s a will… there IS a way!


Among other things we discussed:

What does Lilly’s own morning routine look like?


How breath-work and meditation can help set the tone for your day.


Making meditation a habit.


Caffeine… or not?


A breathwork practice you can do right now


How long should this be?


What are morning pages and why do they matter?


Enjoy—and may it help YOU get grounded every single day.


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How to Stop Having Same Old Problems



The Morning Ritual podcast


Lilly Balch’s website



The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron





I’m Lilly, a NYC-based teacher, artist, author, and creator/host of The Morning Ritual Podcast. Having been a professional contemporary dancer for many years (with my fair share of anxiety, stress, and injuries), I found great solace in the teachings and practices of yoga and meditation. Nearly 10 years ago I began teaching these practices myself, slowly but surely shifting my focus from performing to healing. I seek to support your sense of presence, internal strength, and inner peace through a balanced combination of movement and stillness. It is my goal to empower my clients to progress towards improved mental, emotional, and physical well-being.