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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Sep 25, 2018

Welcome to the most relaxing moment you’ve had in a long time! We’re talking about rest and just plain chilling out in this episode.

I start with an essay I wrote called ‘The Secret to Relaxing About Life’ … cause, hey, it’s all ultimately an inside job, right, for what else can it be? I share a few insights about how I’ve learned to make that happen.

Then we move on to some seriously heavy duty rest coaching, using the age old practice of yoga nidra. If you don’t know about yoga nidra, you want to. Right now.

Trust me.

Interview with Karen Brody

I had a highly relaxing and informative chat with Yoga Nidra expert Karen Brody.

This is a form of guided meditation that literally helps you relax every part of your body, in just 15 to 20 minutes. And it’s foundational to reclaiming your nervous system, and your sleep. The benefits are many, including improved sleep and a gradual silencing of the unhelpful voices in your head. It has also been used to treat panic and anxiety.

If you suffer from overwork, overstimulation, or just ‘too much stuff’ in your world … may this be an easy, restful antidote.

In our conversation, I learned:

  • What yoga nidra is, and how it’s different from standard meditation
  • What happens in that 15 to 20 minutes … and why it’s so beneficial
  • What the ‘wisdom body’ is and how it serves us
  • Best times of day for yoga nidra, and how it works
  • The value of yoga nidra for lunch

ALSO … Karen led us in a five-minute sample of the work.

Now … that’s relaxing!


The Daring to Rest book --

The Gift of Rest 21 Day Online Program

Daring to Rest Meditations Audio Series


Karen Brody is a writer and women’s well-being and leadership advocate. Her book, DARING TO REST: Reclaim Your Power with Yoga Nidra Rest Meditation, has been called a “masterpiece,” “simply brilliant,” and a 40-day program that “makes yoga nidra relevant and accessible to 21st-century women, who may need this practice more than any previous generation.” 

She is the founder of, a website focused on training visionaries interested in living a restful life and sharing the message of rest with others.