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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Oct 27, 2020

Today we start with something different… a questionnaire about you and your self-love. Because really, most of us are operating in a vacuum a lot of the time. We never stop to see the forest (our self-love) because we’re focused on the trees (all of our inner complaints and stressors.) This questionnaire is designed to help YOU discover just how kind and loving you are to you!

My guest in this show is a Pilates and wellness expert, Kelly Hughes Roberts. She’s the host of the Inspire & Thrive podcast and has a successful Pilates studio in Delaware. We talk a lot about using Pilates to heal chronic pain, and issues of all kinds. Plus, Kelly has some cool things to say about mindful eating, as well.

We chatted about:

  • What Pilates is exactly—and what it takes to do it (very little)
  • Why Pilates is so great for rehab from injuries
  • Ten-minute routines you can do at home to strengthen and heal
  • Mindful eating suggestions and why that fits in here
  • Her overall recipe for wellness

I think you’re going to love this show!

Sending a hug!


How Kind Are You to Yourself: A Healing Questionnaire

Kelly’s Podcast

Kelly’s website/services

Kellys suggested brief Pilates videos for strengthening

Kelly’s You Tube Channel

And free ebook is here when they sign up for my newsletter

Kelly’s Studio in DE


Kelly Roberts is the owner of Beach Pilates and Wellness in Delaware. She’s also the host of the Inspire & Thrive Podcast, and a Pilates and conscious eating expert.