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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jan 18, 2022

Today’s show is all about our command center for our emotional well being—our nervous system. Without it, our brains literally wouldn’t be able to function. Yet, with it, if not tended properly we can get pretty riled up. So I asked my dear friend, psychiatrist and integrative health advisor Dr. Sharone Abramowitz to join me for a chat on how she recommends her patients tend to their nervous system.

First, however, a note about your ‘New Years resolutions’—not that ywe have them. These days we have ‘self-care goals’, right? I read a chapter near the back of my book, The Extremely Busy Woman’s Guide to Self-Care, titled ‘How to Stay Committed to Your Self-Care’. Hope it inspires something great for you.

In my chat with my guest, Sharone, I learned:

  • What the pre-frontal cortext is and how it runs our bodies
  • Why that matters to your Higher Self
  • What our reptilian brain has to do with our general happiness
  • What happens psychologically when we’re frightened or anxious
  • What happens when we actually calm down

Sharone shares all kinds of useful tips including an old time herbal remedy for dealing with stress and anxiety. I hope you enjoy what I thought was a terrific chat!

Thanks for being here, my friend…


Dr. Sharone Abramowitz’s website

Sharon’s talk on Managing Anxiety


Sharone has a Bay Area telehealth practice. She is a holistic mental health psychiatrist & psychotherapist, a motivational interviewing trainer, and an addiction medicine specialist. She trained at UCSF, and is a graduate and faculty member of the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine Fellowship. She is the president-elect for the California Society of Addiction Medicine.