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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Aug 10, 2021

I begin this show by talking about love, for what could be better self-care? I wrote a blog recently that I read here called How to (Possibly) Fall in Love With the Love of Your Life. Why only Possibly? Because love is uncertain and life has quirks to its path. 

Our biggest responsibility is to pay attention to our hearts and grow just as we’ve intended. So it is that I share this little bouquet of romance with you. Enjoy!

My guests on this show are a pair I’ve watched and listened to for some time now. Guy Douglas and Simona Marie Asinovski of Sound Meditation Presents create unique, beautiful soundscapes using gongs, crystal bowls, bells and more high vibration instruments. Listening to them truly alters your energy, and closing your eyes as you listen… and relaxing on, say, a yoga mat, will give you the hit of deep relaxation your soul may be asking for.

Listening while you relax for, say, a half hour or so is like a soothing vacation. It makes you feel wonderful!

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch Simona + Guy’s cool mandala screen videos. They’re beautiful and slightly mesmerizing!

Among other things we talked about:

  • What is a sound bath?
  • What makes it work
  • The various instruments behind them
  • What drew them to do this work—and how they work together
  • How their cool mandala videos are made
  • PLUS… an actual mini-sound healing sample for you to enjoy for free

See the links below for a discount to get free access to their video library. And enjoy….


How to (Possibly) Fall in Love With the Love of Your Life

Suzanne’s book, The Extremely Busy Woman’s Guide to Self-Care

Suzanne’s Get Back to Glowing Self-Care free minicourse

Online healing journeys

Get one free month of Simona + Guy’s Sound Meditations with this code: SELFCAREPODCAST

Live Events in the Bay Area: The Sound Healing Symphonies


Guy Douglas and Simona Marie Asinovski are dedicated to helping you  deepen your meditation experience with sound. They are world class sound healing artists and the creative force behind Sound Meditation SF—their popular events in San Francisco will soon branch out to LA and New York. Guy Douglas has created and co-founded powerful sound healing projects including the original Conduit Center in 2008, The Breathwork Sound Bath, The Gong Chair, and more. Since moving to California, he's performed at hundreds of events, and gonged thousands of people- and loved every last one of them. Simona M.Asinovski got her startup savvy at Cross Campus LA, and has helped grow several Bay Area companies. She's also a certified yoga instructor, taught for several years in Los Angeles and New York, and co-founded the original Gong Flow Yoga with Guy Douglas in 2012.