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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

May 11, 2021

This show’s for you if you’ve ever been bullied or controlled. It feels terrible—especially when you meekly decided ‘not to make waves’. I begin with a blog about my own experiences leaving behind some controlling housemates, and learning to stand up for myself. May you find it inspiring.

My guest in this show is Dr. Stacee Reicherzer, author of The Healing Otherness Handbook. She’s an Illinois based transgender and trauma counsellor who teaches us to ‘Unlearn the Rules of Fear and Celebrate Your Life’. And she gives a great interview! 

Among other things, I learned;

  • How she herself experienced being ‘othered’
  • The powerful group experience that happens when bullies take over
  • The merits of hard experiences and big challenges
  • The struggles we humans have with self-compassion
  • Why bullied kids often grow up to be bullying adults
  • Stacee’s four tools for those who get Othered

It’s a great show about compassion and healing. May it strike a chord for you!

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Self-Care Assessment

Breaking Free of Controlling Relationships

The Healing Otherness Handbook by Stacee Reicherzer


Stacee Reicherzer, PhD, is a Chicago, Illinois-based transgender counselor, educator, and public speaker for the stories of the bullied, forgotten, and oppressed. The San Antonio, TX, native serves as clinical faculty of counseling at Southern New Hampshire University, where she received the distinguished faculty award in 2018. She travels the globe to teach and engage audiences around diverse topics of otherness, self-sabotage, and imposter phenomenon. She is the author of The Healing Otherness Handbook (New Harbinger, April 1, 2021).