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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Mar 21, 2023

We start this episode with a little chat about mom—specifically mine, and what it took to come to a place of peace and forgiveness with a difficult mother. Truthfully, this is how you surrender big loads of grief, shame, anger and more you might be carrying if you come from a dysfunctional family. This was excerpted from my book, Surrendering to Joy.


My guest is a powerhouse personal trainer and online exercise influencer, Jaime Filer. Jaime had a lot to say about what functional exercise looks like and how to align your mindset so you’ll actually do it. Because that’s the thing. Unless your mind is in the right place, you simply won’t DO the online exercise.


Will you?


Among other things, we talked about:

-       Why people resist working out, and what ‘Gym-timidation’ is

-       How exercise impacts folks with anxiety

-       How much exercise we actually need

-       What her process is in working with people

-       What to do with kids in the house when you want to work out at home

-       What if you’re just too busy to get started?


It’s an inspiring show… enjoy!


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Surrendering to Joy


Free Spirited; How My Daughter Healed Me from the Afterlife


Jamie’s Instagram


Jaime’s free Anti-Gym Anxiety ebook





Jaime Filer has her Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology, is a published fitness model, a renowned Instagram influencer in the LGBTQ community, and an online personal trainer. She helps her clients integrate mental and physical health in order for them to overcome overwhelm and reduce their anxiety.