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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Dec 28, 2021

Today’s show is all about our subtle inner workings—specifically that part of us from long ago who got taught harshly about the realities of life. Most of us carry some kind of trauma, and our inner child is here to tell us all about it. 

I begin with an essay from my blog back in 2017, called Are You a Wounded Decision Maker?

Here you’ll get a pep talking for slowing down and making thoughtful, conscious decisions.

Then I move on to interview podcaster and Soul Mate coach Gloria Zhang. Her wisdom is comprehensive on how and why  we want our inner children to be happy and healthy. And how to get there.

I learned:

  • What the Inner Child actually is
  • How she discovered her work around this
  • What she learned from being in toxic relationships
  • What her wake up moment was
  • Why High Achieving women tend to struggle in love
  • Some myths busy women buy into about love
  • Three steps to fix our inner child issues

There’s a lot here to chew on! Enjoy,


Are You a Wounded Decision Maker?

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The Inner Child Podcast


Gloria is the host of Top 100 show The Inner Child Podcast, and a therapist and Relationship Coach based out of Canada. Gloria helps High Achievers break the pattern of toxic relationships and create lasting love by healing the inner child.