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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Apr 27, 2021

Life is hard, and then you die. Or at least, that’s what David Gerrold said about it. I take the view that hard times can be dealt with serenely, and even gained from. That’s what I talk about in the first part of this show, when I read my essay, ‘How to Talk Yourself Out of a Funk’. Cause, yeah… there WILL be funks.

Then on to something a little more upbeat. I had the incredible privilege of sitting down with Something You Should Know podcast host Mike Carruthers. He’s done more than 5000 shows – yes, you read that right—with all kinds of bona fide experts on all aspects of wellness. (No pretenders or ‘gurus’ allowed!) And the result is that he has some remarkable insights and ideas to share for us.

Talking to Mike, I learned:

  • The primo piece of advice he’s been given
  • Some of the key truths Mike learned on diet and exercise (surprising stuff here!)
  • What ‘Lifestyle Creep’ is and why it matters so much
  • Whether he sees an overall shift in human consciousness
  • What Mike has learned about memory and how suggestible we are

See below for links to some of the books and authors Mike referenced, as well…

Stay well and stay nurtured, friend. I love you!


Suzanne’s blog, How to Talk Yourself Out of a Funk

Mike’s podcast, Something You Should Know

Heidi Grant Halvorson’s show on Something You Should Know

Stephen Posts’ book, Good Things Happen to Good People

Brad Klontz ‘Money Mammoth” book


Over 20 years ago, Mike Carruthers created “Something You Should Know” a radio feature syndicated to hundreds of radio stations around the U.S and Canada. Then, in 2016, it was time to pull the plug on that program, and step into the world of podcasting. He's never looked back. The popular "Something You Should Know" is consistently in the top 30 of most listened to podcasts on iTunes, and has just under 1.4 million downloads every thirty days. By interviewing experts, Mike offers actionable tips, advice and wisdom each of us can use every day in our lives. Learn more about Mike Carruthers and the Something You Should Know podcast, here.